as400 ftp job

I have been working on an ftp transfer servicejob now for the last 2 years.
…and i’m thinking to make this opensource for you guys here who have ftp problems from time to time 🙂

It can do repetitive PUT and GET transfers based on a file with the settings for each connection.

The job listens on a msgq for messages telling it to transfer a special record or all transfers in the settingsfile.
You can specify a member to upload within this message or in the settings record.
Specifying a member in the message overrides eventually entered members in the settingsrecord.
If there isn’t any member specified all members from the given *pf are uploaded.

You can set the settings record to manual only, so the job doesn’t proccess these when running trough the whole settingsfile all 10 mins.

When PUTting, the program looks if the file is already on the server and chooses an action to do depending
on what you told him to do in the settings record (errormessage/append/overwrite).
After the PUT the ftp log is checked for errors, and if everything worked fine, the member is deleted on the as400.
If the tranfer failed the file remains and you get a errormessage.
If the settingsrecord was set to manual transmission, it will be marked to be resent again with the next automatic run.

When GETting files into as400 filemebers you can specify what files to download from the ftp server.
The filename from the ftp will be placed in the membertext (you can build the remote filenames in the membertext for PUTting, too)
And much more stuff…

In both cases (PUT/GET) you can specify a program to be run after the transmission.

And the best:
You have two jobs, both use the same program.
But one job is just for the settingsrecords with manual transmission type.
It listens to the msgq and transfers all requests transmissions direct.
The other job does the autimatic settings every 10 minutes and thus could be busy when you want to transfer a member.

I have systems with more than 5000 transmissions a month, and everything works fine.
The problem with contributing this stuff to you:
Everything in the program is documented in german 🙂

And it uses some files and programs i just have on my systems.
I’ll do a major remake of the program eliminating all my special files and external programs.
And i’ll document everything in english, the whole 10 pages documentaion and the programsources themself.
I think this could be ready by february…

Since i enhance the program nearly every week i’ll be releasing new versions and everyone could post bugs and featurerequests on my page.